Fees for boat storage are based on the number of ‘racking units’ that a boat occupies. The number of racking units charged for each type of boat has been determined by the amount of space each boat takes up when stored.

The fees due from 1/9/2018 will be:

Type Fee
Racking £15.84+VAT per racking unit per year
Use of changing facilities 26p per person per day
Gym 50p per person per day
Visitors £5+VAT per person per day
Exclusive use of meeting room £5 per hour
Exclusive use of function room £20 per hour
Exclusive use of whole site £25 per hour
Exclusive use of whole site £250 per day

The allocation of units per boat size is:

Type of Boat Internal racks External racks
Rowing 8 40 13
Rowing 4 20 7
Rowing pair/double (2) 15 5
Rowing 1x (1) 10 3
Open Canadian canoe 3 1
Plastic single canoe 1.5 0.5
Launches 5 2
Trailers No fee No fee

The total fee payable will depend on usage but the base rate for any service eg charge per racking unit, will be the same for each user.Racking and other fees are set by the Trustees of GBL to meet current costs and make reasonable provision for future maintenance and development.

Fees that are charged per use will be based on an estimated annual usage agreed between GBL and each user organisation. Each user organisation will be expected to co-operate with the Company to compile actual usage figures as required by the funding agreement with Sport England. The compiled usage figures will be used as the basis for the following year’s charges. If actual usage differs from estimated usage by more than 5% then, as appropriate, a rebate or a supplementary payment may be requested.

Changes to fees will be effective from 1 September each year. Users will be given 9 months’ notice of changes.

The fee structure will be reviewed in 2019 and periodically thereafter to ensure that costs are being shared fairly between users in the light of experience of running the facility.